A 5-Day Fall Cleanse to Get You Back on Track Before the Holiday Season Begins!

Group program runs November 9 - 13, 2020


The leaves have changed into vibrant colors of orange, red, and yellow (so spectacular this year!), the air is getting cooler, and, if you’re like me, you’re worried about getting derailed from your healthy habits over the holidays.  The current situation of the world has also derailed the healthy habits of many folks as well.  It has been a STRESSFULL time - I get it, and I understand.  Before you completely give up on sticking to healthy habits and give in to the sugary treats of the holidays, there’s still time to get your weight in check, get more energy, get your ambition back, AND learn some healthy ways to avoid derailing altogether over the holidays.  


As we move through fall and head toward winter, our energy turns inward and we slow down (a hibernation of sorts).  As the seasons change, this gives us a great opportunity to check in and reassess how we’re doing with our health goals.


Are you experiencing any of the following?


  • Carrying excess weight around your belly

  • Experience sugar or salt cravings on a regular basis

  • Have skin blemishes and breakouts

  • Can’t think straight or feel like you have brain fog

  • Get the late afternoon energy slump

  • Wake up still feeling tired

  • Feel like you’ve lost your glow


If so, it might be time for a gentle whole foods cleanse! Even when we eat really clean foods, we’re exposed to toxins in our environment all the time, and those hitchhiking chemicals can really put a kink in our weight loss goals!


This program is perfect for you if you’ve never done a cleanse or detox before, and it’s especially right if you’re nervous about what might happen to you during a cleanse.  It's also a good fit if you want to just dedicate one week each season to clean eating to give your body a break from all the toxins we ingest on a regular basis!  



I’m Heidi Baldwin, an Internationally Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, and I know there’s so much confusing advice out there about how to get toxins out of your diet and add foods that are nutritious AND TASTE GREAT!  Let's spend a week together so I can teach you some great habits and simple tools to make lasting healthy changes in your life!  Join me for 5 fabulous days of removing toxic nonsense from your diet while you enjoy a wide variety of nutrient dense delicious foods to boost your energy, reduce your sugar cravings, and help you feel amazing! 

The 5-Day Fall Cleanse really works to get you back on track...


  • Many, many clients have done this cleanse and have benefited from this gentle, yet highly effective clean eating protocol

  • You’ll be eating a whole-foods based diet with legumes, vegetables, whole grains, and some lean proteins

  • You’ll get a TON of support from me during the group cleanse via our members-only support forum from November 9 - 13. 

  • I’ve created an awesome book of recipes that includes easy to prepare recipes your whole family will eat (seriously! They’ve even passed the 5-year-old niece test of one of my clients!)

  • You’ll have optional supplements you can add in during the program to take your cleanse to the next level.

  • I’m committed to your success. If you need help at any time during the cleanse program, I’ll be there to support you, answer your questions, and help tweak your program so it works for you.


Now here’s the big question. Why cleanse in the first place?


I’m so glad you asked. I used to think cleanses and detoxes were only for health nuts and celebrities. Then I started learning more about nutrition, about our bodies’ physiology, and about the environmental toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis.  It’s really intense!  Did you know that scientists have determined that most people are carrying 700 contaminants in their bodies?  These chemicals have been linked to all kinds of damage including cancer, high blood pressure, memory problems, immune dysfunction, attention deficit disorder, and more.


Yes, our bodies do work to detox these toxins on a daily basis, and they do this through four primary organs: the lungs, the kidneys, the skin and the liver. The challenge comes when our bodies get exposed to more toxins than they can process out, which is happening to all of us every day. The truth of the matter is that toxic chemicals in our food, our air, our water and in materials all around us can quickly overload our systems.


When our bodies get overexposed to toxins, our liver does the best job it can to protect us, and it does this by wrapping those toxins in mucous and storing them in fat cells. EEEW! The problem with that is when we have a toxin stored in our fat, we can’t burn that fat until we release and process that toxin! The reality is that no matter how much you exercise, eat right, and manage your stress, you won’t be able to lose that stubborn fat until you partake in a cleanse and get rid of those toxins for good.



The 5-Day Fall Cleanse is perfect for you if:


  • You’ve never cleansed or detoxed before

  • You’ve cleansed or detoxed before, but you’ve found that hardcore raw, vegan and juice cleanses don’t really work for you

  • You’re really busy and don’t have time for a longer cleanse program

  • You want a gentle but effective cleanse

  • You’re looking for a whole foods cleanse program

  • You want to clean out your system before the holidays hit

  • You ready to hit the re-set button on your eating habits

  • You're ready to learn some new healthy recipes to add to your recipe box (like the one below)




So many people have participated in my 5-Day Detox and Cleanse Programs Here’s what a few of them had to say:


"I cannot believe how easy it was to get through the 5 days and experience such incredible results. My family enjoyed eating these meals with me, and they improved their eating habits along with me!" ~S.J.

"There were moments when I experienced some side effects from withdrawal from all the toxic things I was putting into my body for such a long time, but basically I only had one bad day out of five.  I am elated that I lost 7 lbs in 5 days and feel so much better. The recipes were great, and I will continue on this healthy trek for the future. I have more energy and less indigestion, and am not feeling fatigued anymore. Speaking as a Diabetic, my blood-sugars are doing much better. Anyone who is sitting on the fence about doing this program should go for it; they will not regret it. Your body will thank you tenfold! I am going to try and stick to the warm water with lemon every morning, and whole grains and foods that are not processed as much as possible. You have given me the tools to live a healthier lifestyle, long overdo."

~Camille Bach

"Heidi’s 5-day detox was a game changer for me. I was feeling sluggish all the time, no energy to workout, was bloated, felt cranky and miserable a lot of the time, was using refined carbs, coffee, and sugar just to get myself through the day. After getting through the first few days of the detox (which were challenging, but I knew I HAD to do something to change the way I was feeling all the time!) my sinuses completely cleared (for the first time in a decade), my brain fog and lack of concentration went away completely, and I actually felt like working out - because I had so much more energy! I no longer had mood swings, and felt amazing. I have continued to be gluten free and dairy free and don’t have the fatigue or brain fog. Thank you Heidi for this gift of good health!!! I appreciate it more than words can express!" 

Chantel Upson










"My son and I signed up to do this together and we both experienced amazing results. We enjoyed prepping meals together and cheering each other on throughout the week. My son easily dropped some extra weight that was annoying him, and I had more energy than I have had since I can remember, and dropped a couple pounds myself! ~JM

"I used to drink coffee all day long, so I was reluctant to try this program knowing I would not be able to have coffee for 5 days. I made the commitment to do this for myself and my health and cut back in the days leading up to the start of the detox. Not only was I able to easily give up the daily tanks of coffee, I have not felt a need to go back to it and have more energy than ever! I also have some new favorite recipes that I use on a regular basis and have not gone back to my old eating habits. I have effortless lost 12 pounds since the detox began and I kept on the path that Heidi led me to. I cannot recommend this program enough - and

it is SO easy!" ~G.C.

What you’ll get with the 5-Day Fall Cleanse:

  • A complete, proven protocol and step-by-step system

  • Dozens of recipes ideas, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, sweet treats, smoothies, and even hot chocolate!

  • Two live training calls taught by me on everything you need to know to cleanse AND on how to transition out of the cleanse

  • Options to go deeper with your detox to get even more out of it

  • Unlimited support from me and your fellow cleansers via our online members-only community

  • Daily emails and group posts to keep you motivated and on track

  • A chance to make a real and lasting change when it comes to your eating habits


  Bonuses I’m giving away as my thank you for giving yourself this gift of health:


  • A shopping list template that will make the trip to the grocery store a breeze

  • A supplement guide including my favorite brands and where you can get them

  • A “Deepen Your Detox” handbook so you can boost your cleanse experience

  • A complete “Eating Out” guide so you’ll know exactly what to order if you have a business lunch or dinner out with family or friends

  • Breathing techniques guideline

  • A private 15 minute mini-coaching session to help you create goals to stay on track long after the cleanse.



You’ll get everything listed above for just $97!  REGISTER AS AN EARLY BIRD BY NOVEMBER 2, 2020 and save $20!  Register today for only $77!




Have questions? Great. I’d love to help you figure out if this is the right program for you. Send me an email at hbaldwin@imofcny.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Here's to healthy eating,



P.S. This program is even more fun when you do it with friends, so spread the word! Share this link with your family, co-workers, and BFFs, and help them feel their best during the upcoming holidays!

Heidi Baldwin is an internationally board certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach specializing in sugar addiction, eating for improved health, and healing the gut while helping clients find balance in body, mind, and spirit.  She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher who enjoys teaching all levels of Reiki, including kids Reiki classes that she developed.  She is trained in Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, and Pranic Crystal Healing, which she offers individually or integrates into healing sessions as appropriate.  Heidi is an affiliate for CBD BioCare and teaches clients about the benefits of incorporating CBD oil as a supplement in their daily lives.  Leading meditations and educating people about the benefits of incorporating Young Living Essential Oils into their every-day life is also something Heidi is passionate about.  She teaches classes and workshop on various health and wellness topics that encompass physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and she manages Integrative Medicine of Central New York. 

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